Prejudice Against Artists / by Chris Hall

Robert Dowd, Pop Art Money.

Why are people prejudiced against artists?  

I think there is a preconception that we are impractical, erratic dreamers, and individualists who do not respond well to authority.  Perhaps it is something deeper.  Perhaps we disgust them.  Perhaps we remind them of the talent they will never possess, or perhaps we remind them that they may have compromised their life and dreams to get to where they are.  

I don't know what it is.  It is only speculation.  I only know that being an artist has not helped me to get employment the many times I have been out of work.  Nor has it helped me get out of the many poor paying entry level part time positions I have had to endure over the years.  In fact, being an artist may have hindered me.

Many people assume that because I chose to be an artist, I chose to accept being poor.  That is not the case at all.  First of all, I did not really choose to be an artist.  I am an artist because I was born this way.  Nor do I accept being poor.  Nothing frustrates me more than people undervaluing my talents and abilities, simply because I happen to have an active imagination.