You Can Not Live Without Art / by Chris Hall

You can not live without art.  Perhaps you might think otherwise, because you have never purchased a painting or you have never attempted to make a piece of artwork on your own.  But you pass by art in the doctor's office and maybe outside the elevator at work.  I'm sure you go to movies, listen to music, and read.  We are so much surrounded by art, that sometimes we take it for granted.  

But I insist, you can not live without art.  Even the dullest of minds would, if they were shipwrecked on a barren isle, eventually create a crude work of art to express their torment, or to keep themselves company.  Art is what makes life worth living, worth suffering for.  It eases life's burdens, educates, provides spiritual sustenance.  In this sense, art is just as much a practical value as anything else in this world.  You can not live without art.