The Politics of a Flower / by Chris Hall

I’ve written a lot lately of the intersection of politics, philosophy, and art.  I am a little tired of it.  

A flower by nature is not political or philosophical, it just is.  It exists only to be beautiful.  I like that.  

So it must be with art and artists.  I try to use theory only to justify and support my work after the fact, not to determine its course or control its creation.  I believe most artists are the same way:  art before theory and not theory before art.  

If you are a caring and decent human being with a sense of social justice, the art and the message will come naturally, no need to force it.

Just be, just create.  That might be enough for now.  The rest will come later.

“Aesthetics is to artists as ornithology is to birds.”  Barnett Newman

Christopher Hall, Blue Splendor, 2001