Are You Concerned? / by Chris Hall

Most people are content with life's little pleasures.  A chocolate chip cookie, a cigarette butt, a football game.  I'm not.  Would I that I could be so lucky.  But no, I'm concerned.  I'm concerned about a great many things, and it is this concern that drives my art.  I'm concerned about the present, I'm concerned about the future, and for some damn reason I'm even concerned about the past, though I know there is nothing I can do about it (eyes in the back of my head, forever haunted).  I'm concerned about the spirit of mankind, about all things good and evil within ourselves, about redemption, hope, those all too rare instances of beauty, and the ugliness that pervades.  I'm concerned about our post industrial, post-lapsarian, post modern condition, and I am concerned that we might not be able to escape it.  I'm concerned about this world, and the next.  I'm concerned about the hegemonic hierarchies and the visible and invisible power structures that enslave.  I'm concerned there are no solutions, even as I continue to never conform or compromise, always fighting the good fight.  

"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted."  Dr. Martin Luther King