Medieval Fun Times / by Chris Hall

I've always loved Medieval illuminated manuscripts.  The artists during that time produced work that was so imaginative, scatological, strange, grotesque, and vulgar.  Below are some of my favorite images that I have been able to track down.  Click the image to enlarge.

Here we have a bathing dragon lady, a blindfolded, multi-armed girl, a boneless man dancing to music, and cats doing people things.  

Here we have a Centaur and Harpy, a dead King walking, a dog licking his balls, and hybrid dog-man with a human leg in his mouth.

Next we have bizarre fish-goat-man-lady creature, a Zitiron, or Sea-Knight, God planting a tree bearing people heads, and a man ripping his heart out (Happy Valentine's Day!)

Here we have some headless swordsmen, a hermaphrodite swimming in a fountain (most likely an alchemy illustration), a human being sawed in half, and a Knight freaking out over a UFO.  

Now we have two illustrations of killer rabbits (there are lots of those for some reason), a King catching a dragon in bed with his wife, and a man with a club sneaking up on another couple in bed.

Here we have a Medieval Bigfoot, some men vomiting up frogs, and a couple of illustrations of Mermaids.

Here we have a woman picking fruit from a Penis Tree, a woman riding on a giant Penis Monster, an illustration of strange people from foreign lands (giant one foot guy, a dog-man, a two-headed child, a cyclops, and a face in the chest guy), and a man eating a baby.

Medieval artists seem fixated on asses and shitting for some reason.  Here we have a monkey shitting on a plate, a man defending himself from a shitting bull, a man shitting next to a pig, and a monkey with an arrow in his ass.