Anti Anti-Art / by Chris Hall

The contemporary art world is dominated by Postmodern art practices.  These Postmodern art practices are:

Cold, intellectual at the expense of emotion and subjectivity, banal and mundane, impersonal and inauthentic, collectivist in nature at the expense of individualism, celebrating kitsch and pop tendencies, mass production and artificiality over craft and authorship, devoid of spirituality, the rejecting of (objective) truth, an aesthetic of giving up, disillusionment and disbelief (that life and art have any meaning), and a wariness of large, meta-narratives.

I am against all of these things.  

This is why I consider myself a ReModernist.  The mission is not complete.  Art can still be revolutionary in the political sense; art can still tap into metaphysical and human truths.  

Postmodern art practices often can not reach a lay audience without a level of interpretation.  This is wrong.  If you believe in something strong enough and you want to share your message with others, you’ve got to be damn sure that the message can understood.

Postmodernism is not dangerous or avant-garde.  Because it fails to challenge political or spiritual norms, it only exists as an intellectual playground for bored, bourgeois, art aficionados, not in search of human truths, but who only approach art for its entertainment value.  

Pluralism is supposed to be a major tenant of Postmodernism - but I do not see many welcoming arms in the elitist Contemporary art circle cognoscenti for those who paint the human experience.  

Life is messy, it is both light an dark.  People (bourgeois art purveyors and collectors, and the artists who produce such drivel) are afraid to look deep into themselves.  They only want a facade of upright, rigid tidiness.  

My enemies in the art world would call me a dinosaur.  I prefer to be optimistic.  I prefer to think of myself as the Future.  Postmodernism must and will die.